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Monday, March 1, 2010

Use Yard Signs to Sign Your Work

Don’t you take pride in the work and services performed by your company? Like other proud professionals, your company can sign your work too. Employ yard signs to show others you’re proud of the work performed. There are other reasons to employ business signs – read to find out.


Business yard signs help brand your company. The public needs repeated exposure to your company in order to maintain it in long-term memory. Printed signs can be seen by many onlookers, increasing the likelihood of branding your company.

Company Pride

Displaying yard signs is a symbol of pride. Have you ever noticed yard signs in front of a newly-remodeled, landscaped, or painted house? The service providers want onlookers to know who performed the services.


Business signs are a marketing tool. They act as advertising signs alerting possible clients of your services. A business can benefit from varied forms of advertising. A well-positioned printed sign can recruit many customers.

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