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Updated November 23, 2009

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Simple Ways to Get Your Home Sold!

The current state of the real estate market can be quite intimidating for sellers. There are a large number of homes for sale which makes the competition tough. If you want to get your home sold fast, it needs to have the eye catching appeal that puts it a step above others. We have listed a number of simple home staging techniques that will be sure to speed up the selling time for you.

1. Organize and De-Clutter
Buyers will have a difficult time seeing all that you have to offer if they are looking at cluttered counter tops or messy rooms. It is important to get the junk out and create a simple, streamlined and organized appeal. Take as much as possible off of the counters and remove knickknacks or books from book selves. Clean out closets and chaotic “dumping” rooms. And store kids toys in a toy box or centralized toy room. If you do not have the space to put all he objects you removed, consider renting a storage space. There are great deals on storage that will be worth the cost.

2. Remove Personalization
Although family heirlooms and personal photos or wall art may mean a lot to you, buyer’s tastes differ. It is hard for them to picture what their belongings will look like in the house if your personal items are still around. Removing the items will also make the room appear larger.

3. Finish Incomplete Projects
A kitchen that is half complete or an added bath that is missing light fixtures shows laziness. Assumptions could be made about the upkeep of the house if it appears you do not complete projects you start. And, the buyer will remember it when it comes time to decide between a few houses. They do not want to have to move in and finish your work.

4. Neutralize
If you have a bright orange room or a red carpet, consider changing it to a more neutral color. Your taste in wall paper, paint, and carpet could stand out and deflect the buyer from seeing all that the house has to offer. Neutralizing a space will help the home be “move in ready”, which buyers appreciate.

5. Complete Special Touches
Make sure your home sparkles with cleanliness and smells warm and inviting. Be sure to CLEAN EVERYWHERE! Get the stains out of the carpets, remove the cobwebs from unused areas, and replace light bulbs. If you are not the cleaning type, hire a maid service to be sure the home is in tip top shape. And, finally, on the day of the open house or potential buyers visit, be sure to light scented candles or bake cinnamon apples for an all over pleasing aroma.

6. Don’t forget about the Outside
Curb appeal is vital. Your house should be staged inside and out. Trim overgrown buses and shrubs. Mow the lawn if you have one. Plant some colorful flowers when weather appropriate. Paint chipping shutters and front doors. And, most important, be sure your real estate sign is highly visible. Passersby are a great source of buyers or advertisers. Even if they aren’t in the market to buy, seeing your yard sign will hopefully trigger them to pass the word along to friends and family.

Home staging in regards to a buyer will allow them to picture themselves living in the property. The market is tough but these simple techniques will make your house a step above the competition, dramatically increasing the chance of a sale!
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